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Monday, August 23, 2010

Neobux...The Ultimacy of Earnings...:+)

Hello everyone...

In this post i am going to tell all of you about an online paid to click service.

It all started one day when i wanted to buy a guitar for myself...Though it was a fascinating idea for me,it was not so better idea for my Dad...He straight away stated that we was not going to pay me a single penny for the guitar...:(
"So What...!!!", i said ."I can earn it myself".

Right away I began searching for sources of Quick money all over...Asked friends,Searched online(Got Scammed as well...:-p)...Though nothing worked out for me...

Then one fine day i was on facebook and i found a group named "Earn Money".
Many suggestions for earning money online were listed down there...(Most of them scams as to me)

But one lady had posted something like this "Do u want to earn money.Join this site and enter the referrer name as ____"(i dont remember the name...:( )

I quickly jumped to the site(named Neobux) and registered myself to there...
But after registering i queried what was to be done and then it was said to me that i had to view the advertisement placed on the site.

I said "Cool Take it On...!!!!"

One the first day i was given 4 ads but when i checked how much i was going to be paid for each ad i view it shook me off...Just 50 paise per ad(0.01$)...!!!!

Argh...that was frustrating...!!!

I googled the site and what i expected was completely contrary from what i could actually see...Thousands of people posting their payment proofs on each n every Legitimate forums...!!!

And what thrilled me further was the amount that was being paid to those people...
they counted  in thousands...Another thilling moment was when i realized that those thousands were in Dollars and not in rupees...!!!

How was that possible...?

I started collecting more info about the site from various sources...I checked its forum,site statistics and also Alexa traffic rank...All positive...

The site was ranked 492 among the millions of other websites in the world.That was enough for a proof.But i was not yet satisfied...

The forum had all payment proofs...
Here are few proofs..

I Was Set...!!!!
I immediately started research as to know how  these ppl were earning so much when i could only earn 2 rupee(0.04$) a day...

I visited few other forums where i actually found how it worked.
[But before starting you should know what few words mean..

Referral==>A person who is referred to join a particular website
Downline==>People who were referred by a member to join a website
Upline==>Member who makes a person join a site.
Neobux was actually a site where a person would earn by referring others also...!!!
Every time a person is referred to join neobux he becomes a Referral and whatever he earns,a part of it goes to the person who made him join neobux without any reduction in the referrals earning...

That means profit to both the people..This was it...!!

This was one way...the other was to rent referrals...

Everyday many people without being referred by anybody join Neobux...Those ppl can be rented by the members so that their earnings could also be added to the upline..

Another aspect (an important one...!!!) is that u should have enough patience and should be dedicated to spend 10 mins a day...In the beginning it might seem a bit slow process but believe it can work wonders once u have a decent amount of referrals...
Here is a simple calculation of how u could earn on Neobux...
Now consider u have 100 referrals...

U click 4 ads a day=0.01x4=0.04$
Ur 100 referrals click 4 ads a day=100x0.01x4=4$ a day
So totally u will be earning 4$ a day which means 120$ a month...

Now just think how much u could earn with 1000 referrals...:D
There are few people on Neobux who have more than 4000 referrals...


Hence it worked out well and its been 9 days(03 sept 2010) i have been on Neobux.
Currently i have 6 rented referrals and i have earned 2.1$ which will keep increasing as i rent more and more referrals... Its no matter of fact i will start earning lucrative amount of income by the end of year...

To join the site click on the banner below and start clicking and earning today...

Some other similiar sites that i prefer are here...

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How Has Eminem Risen to the Top?

How is it that a little white boy from Kansas City has become 
the most well known rapper in the world? Starting from nothing 
and eventually moving up to a multi-millionaire, Eminem over the 
past seven years has been in the eye of the public everywhere 
you look. He has essentially entered a black man’s business and 
gone to the top over the course of a few years, but how? 

On October 17, 1972 Marshall Bruce Mathers III was born in St. 
Joseph, MO by his 15 year old mother Debbie. Six months later 
his father was gone and this began the struggle for Marshall and 
his mother; one that was just the beginning. Throughout the 
course of his childhood Marshall and his mother moved numerous 
times into different houses from Kansas City to Detroit. The 
maximum time spent in one house was only 3 months, which caused 
Marshall to attend many different schools making it difficult to 
cope to the different surroundings and make friends. Every new 
school he attended he was bullied as he was the new kid. This 
was something that he could not change as he was never stationed 
in one school for a long period of time. At the age of 12 he and 
his mother finally settled in a house in Detroit. He would 
later use the bullying to his advantage fueling him to get back 
at all his bullies through songs. 

By the age of 4 Marshall was already beginning to rap and put 
words together rhyming them. At school he was rather successful 
considering the circumstances, but it was lunchtime that he 
enjoyed as he often battled schoolmates through freestyles. At 
the age of 14 Marshall began to get serious about rapping and 
felt that he had a shot in the business. When he got to the 
ninth grade he failed it three times before eventually dropping 
out as he felt school was not for him. 

When he turned 17 he came up with the name M&M for himself by 
combining the first letters of his first and last name, which 
later was changed to Eminem. Now that he didn’t have school as 
a distraction, he focused solely on rapping with the goal of 
making it to the top. He faced constant struggle on the way to 
stardom as he was continuously rejected by most rappers because 
of his race, despite his true talent. This grew anger inside of 
him that he uses in his music today. Knowing that it wasn’t 
going to be easy and that he would have to work, Marshall forced 
himself onto radio shows and freestyle battles to prove 
everybody wrong. He eventually got a first album titled 
“Infinite”, but it only sold 1,000 copies. It wasn’t until 1997 
that Marshall would make a name for himself. 

In 1997 he was married with a child trying to support his family 
with very little cash to do it with. He went to the Rap 
Olympics in Los Angeles hoping to win the cash prize of $1,500 
for first place, but instead was spotted by a few sponsors from 
Interscope. Furious that he had come in second, he later found 
out about the sponsors and he gave them a copy of the “Infinite” 
tape, which was later sent to Dr. Dre. Dre was extremely 
impressed with the talent of Eminem and got contact of him, 
where the two recorded his second album; The Slim Shady LP. 
This album set the tone for his style of rap, as he lashed out 
on everyone that had bullied him throughout his life. It was a 
different style than anyone had ever heard, which brought him to 

Eminem is by far the most popular rapper that is seen most in 
public. He has been seen in Rap Pages, VIBE, Rolling Stone, 
Spin, The Source, URB and Stress and continues to strive for 
more. He became the first white person to ever be on the cover 
of The Source. Throughout his life he has starred in the movie 
“8 Mile” based on his life growing up, has had over 20 guest 
appearances on TV, has featured on numerous different rappers 
CD’s, and has recorded 5 CD’s of his own. His second LP, “The 
Marshall Mathers LP”, sold over 8 million records in the United 
States alone, 1.76 million copies in the first week setting a 
record for a solo artist. This album became the first rap album 
ever to be nominated for “Album of the Year” at the Grammies. He 
would go on to win 3 Grammies for the album that night. In the 
year 2002 he made $29 million in earnings of his fourth album 
“The Eminem Show LP” and touring for it. Then on March 23, 2003 
the song “Lose Yourself” from his movie “8 Mile” became the 
first rap song to ever win an Academy Award. 

While being known for his explicit behavior and horrendous 
lyrics on his albums and in the eye of the public, it is 
difficult to overlook all that he has achieved. Coming from 
where he did and rising to where he is currently, it is 
remarkable what he has done not only for himself, but the rap 
world as well. While it is hard for most to like him, there are 
not many that do not at least respect him for what he has 
achieved as of now, and what he may do in the future to come. 
Behind Your Levi 501 Jeans!

Behind your Levi 501 jeans is a lot more than just comfortable clothing that's both fashionable and durable. There's also a very interesting history about it. For one, do you know that Levi Strauss, after whom the jeans are named, didn't make the jeans at all? Levi Strauss was a dry goods merchant who became a very successful businessman. He was also a philanthropist. He had a regular customer, a tailor named Jacob Davis. Jacob had a client who kept ripping the pockets of the pants that Jacob made.

Jacob developed a method of strengthening this man's trousers by putting metal rivets at the points of strain. The idea was a great success, and Jacob wanted to patent it. However, he did not have the $68 needed to file for a patent, so he asked Levi to be his business partner. Levi, seeing the potential, agreed. They held the patent for 20 years until it expired in 1891, allowing everyone else to copy the process of using metal rivets, which then became public domain. Another interesting story is the use of the word, "jeans." Denim pants have been used in the 1800s for work wear. "Waist overalls" was the name used for these work clothing.

The word, "jeans," started to be used around the 1960s when the generation then adopted the term for this type of pants. Why "501" for Levi jeans? It just so happened that at around 1890, the type of pants made from denim supplied by the Amoskeag Mill in Manchester, New Hampshire, which gave the jeans a strong reputation regarding durability, was given the number 501. The number stuck to this day, giving the meaning that the 501 jeans you wear assures you of durability. 

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Best Anti-Virus Program 2010...

Hey Ppl..!!Holla..!!

Here is the review Of the Top 5 Antivirus Programs of 2010 Based on the Review given on

The Review is divided on the basis of
*Scope Of Protectiom
*Ease of Installation
*Ease of use

Based on the Performance of Each of these factors the Corresponding Ratings are provided....

#1..:-BitDefender AntiVirus...->

*Scope Of Protectiom--  *****               
*Effectiveness--               *****               
*Ease of Installation--      *****  
*Ease of use--                 *****    
*Features--                     *****  
*Updates--                     ***** 

The Verdict: BitDefender's base-line antivirus software is well-balanced, powerful, and effective.   

Cost:-Rs 1386/-  

#2..:-Kaspersky AntiVirus...->

*Scope Of Protectiom--  *****               
*Effectiveness--               *****               
*Ease of Installation--      *****  
*Ease of use--                 ****    
*Features--                     *****  
*Updates--                     *****

The Verdict: This antivirus power-house has more security than similar security software, and is a great option for both beginners and security experts.

Cost:  Rs 2776/-(*A Bit more than that of BitDefender stuff...:])

#3..:- WebRoot AntiVirus....->

*Scope Of Protectiom--  *****               
*Effectiveness--               *****               
*Ease of Installation--      *****  
*Ease of use--                 ****
*Features--                     ****
*Updates--                     *****

The Verdict: Combining the best antispyware with advanced antivirus software, Webroot is one of the best overall security solutions.

Cost: Rs:1386/-

#4..:- Norton Internet Security..->

*Scope Of Protectiom--  *****               
*Effectiveness--               ****               
*Ease of Installation--      ****
*Ease of use--                 ****
*Features--                     ****
*Updates--                     *****

The Verdict: Norton's most basic antivirus protection is heads above some of the competition. Norton has some features you simply won't find elsewhere.

Cost:- Rs 1861/-

#5..:-ESet NOD32 Antivirus..->

*Scope Of Protectiom--  ****               
*Effectiveness--               ****             
*Ease of Installation--      ****
*Ease of use--                 ***** 
*Features--                     *****
*Updates--                     *****

The Verdict: We can definitely give ESET a "nod" of approval for security and performance.

Cost:- Rs 1851/-

Plls Comment On this Review if you like it...
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